Something which I have noticed about Italian coffee is that there are some which are pretty much the same but with a different styled milk or an added ingredient - So don’t get too confused when first reading our image (below) carry on scrolling and we will tell you what makes them special is - Oh Italy! 



Types of coffee with their Italian and British name



So, lets go into a little more detail on these types of coffee and what makes them a little different from each other, as I am sure you are curious to know why some are so similar.


Caffè -

Unlike a few of the other coffees listed, don’t panic, this is your your basic strong espresso coffee. Just like you thought!


Caffè Americano -

This styled coffee is usually served in a large mug. It is like the American styled coffee however it stronger than an espresso coffee.


Caffè Corretto -

This styled coffee is for our liquor lovers. It is usually served with sambuca or brandy.


Caffè Doppio -

Don’t panic, nothing new yet! This coffee is just your average double-espresso.


Caffè Freddo -

This coffee is a coffee which is usually iced. - Nice in the summer.


Caffè Hag -

Caffe Hag is your average decaffeinated coffee


Caffè Latte -

There’s no guessing with this one, you got it - Just a Latte.


Now this is where it starts to get a little interesting..

Caffè Macchiato -

This type of coffee is a small version of a capuccino. Its made from espresso with a smidge of milk.


Caffè Marocchino -

This coffee is a coffee which is made espresso, however!:- it is made with a splash of milk and a spoonful of coco powder (cacao)


Caffè Schiumato -

This coffee is very similar to the one made above, however milk foam is used instead.



Caffè Stretto -

Caffe Stretto is a very, very strong coffee. It is an espresso with less water!


There was have it! A nice witten/picture list of different types of Italian Coffee and their Italian names. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for more of our coffee craze @CioffiImporters OR you can visit  our website and try to make your own Italian coffee from the traditional heart of Italian Coffee.