If you haven’t guessed;


I LOVE coffee, it’s probably one of my favourite drinks. I live and breathe the stuff but I always seem to be throwing away. None of this "instant" coffee stuff though. I am a huge fan of using the cafetiere at home with my Caffe Unico beans, however, I am also a huge pain when it comes to how much I make. I never make enough just for me, I am always finding myself having to throw out my delicious Caffe Unico beans and it’s not good enough.


I thought it was about time that I created a list of the best things to do with leftover coffee, as I can’t be the only one who seems to struggle tipping coffee away.


  1. Make an Iced coffee -


Although this may seem a basic and easythings to do with leftover coffee, I think we should start with the basics. How To: Make an iced coffee blog - Coming soon.


  1. Coffee cubes -


This is such a good idea if you are having guests who are coffee drinkers too, especially if they love a coffee liquor - Just pop a few of these energy-boosters in to add intense flavour and colour to their drink and they’ll love it.

  1. Choc-offee -


Yet another basic idea, but still a delicious one when trying not to waste belovedcoffee. Try replacing the milk in your hot chocolate with the leftover coffee instead of your everyday water or milk!


  1. Coffee gummies -


Similar to the ice cubes, but not exactly the same because they don’t freeze your teeth when you bite into them. They are healthy and super delicious too so I don’t know why you would not want to try this bulletproof coffee gummies recipe as things to do with leftover coffee.


  1. Use it as an ingredient -


Try adding the coffee to meat dishes for flavouring as one of the things to do with leftover coffee. Be careful what meat you choose to do this with as the coffee could make it taste worse. - Beef is one of the best mixes of things to do it with.


If you don’t fancy that try replacing the water/milk for coffee! Nothing beats homemade coffee cake with a delicious cup of caffe uico coffee! Definitely my favourite things to do with leftover coffee.



  1. Old paper -


As a kid, my mum was always teaching me new tricks to improve my creativity. Try this with your kids (if you have any, but if not, still give it ago anyway and make yourself feel like a big kid!) Pour your leftover coffee/tea over a piece of paper, twice and leave to dry. - Try painting the coffee onto the page as pouring it might create some mess.


  1. Clean with coffee -


Yep you certainly did read that right. Coffee is a gritty drink, and although you should not throw excessive amounts of grounded coffee down the kitchen drain, pour your leftover coffee over a scour or washing rag and clean those tough stains, no problem.


  1. Fancy a temporary hair colour? -


Yep! Your leftover brewed coffee does that too! Halloween is fast approaching and if you are still stuck on what to dress up as, why not go as a coffee pot and literally dye your hair temporarily with coffee as thing to do with your leftover coffee. - I haven’t personally tried this one, but it does sound interest.


  1. Why not dye your clothes too? -


If vintage is your thing, then you have got to try this one. - Not only does the delicious brew temporarily dye your hair, it dyes and stains your clothes too. If I’m honest, it does not look to bad either (if done correctly) It gives a rustic look to anyone who’s wearing it. Follow this guide to make your DIY vintage clothing.


  1. How about your wooden furniture and floors? -


Last on the list, similar to the previous two is; staining your wooden furniture with coffee, steel wool and vinegar. Check out this guide to how you can stain the wooden furniture as things to do with leftover coffee.



We here at Cioffi Importers hope you have found these tips useful when trying to find things to do with your leftover coffee. If you have anymore ideas for thing to do with your leftover coffee, Tweet us @cioffimporters