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Cioffi Importers are trained consultants and suppliers of Sanremo coffee machines in the Canterbury and Thanet area. We also offer Astoria and Expobar coffee machines, their installation and full service.
  1. Aurabar
    £354.00 inc VAT

    Stylish and classy Learn More
  2. Frog
    £270.00 inc VAT

    Stylish and different Learn More
  3. Superproffesional
    £894.00 inc VAT

    Classy and stylish Learn More
  4. Premium Drawer For Coffee Grounds - Stainless Steel
    £119.94 inc VAT

    Knock box Learn More
  5. Original Motta Deluxe Frothing Jug 350 Ml
    £20.10 inc VAT

    Motta frothing jug Learn More
  6. Espresso Gear Edge Tamping Mat Silicone
    £24.59 inc VAT

    Tamping Mat Learn More
  7. Crema Pro Tamping Mat Overhang
    £13.92 inc VAT

    Tamping Mat Learn More
  8. Cafelat Silicone Tamping Mat - Splat Black (Boxed)
    £10.76 inc VAT

    Small Tamping Mat Learn More
  9. Cafelat Silicone Tamping Mat - Splat Red (Boxed)
    £10.76 inc VAT

    Red Tamping Mat Learn More
  10. Crema Pro Red Wooden Tamper 53 mm
    £14.76 inc VAT

    Coffee Tamper Learn More

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